About TEC-Institut für technische Innovationen (TEC – Institute for Technical Innovations)

In addition to the customary equipment, the TEC Institute’s laboratory has non-standard measuring equipment at its disposal, e.g. spectrum analyser and a scanning electron microscope. In this regard, the TEC institute is one of the best equipped laboratories in Europe. Aside from the sun simulator tests using TEC’s own sun simulator – a lightning test which briefly irradiates photovoltaic panels with very bright light, to verify the efficiency of a panel under standard conditions – TEC primarily examines panels in line with real conditions (preferably on roofs in naturally occurring light- and weather conditions).

This is the only way manufacturer’s specifications ascertained in laboratory conditions constitute under real environmental conditions as well. Also, measuring results of various vendors are being compared, enabling us to submit objective statements about an optimal panel.

Einblick in das Fotovoltaiklabor des TEC-Institut
Laborarbeitsplatz des TEC-Instituts
TEC also submits recommendations of quality confirmed products. In this manner, for example the ANTARIS SOLAR Group adapted an excellent panel of an international manufacturer into their array of products and won them as contract partners due to good research results.In addition, all of TEC’s research results are integrated into product optimization.
The area of research comprises single panel optimization as well as quality assurance of materials and experiments of declinations to exploit optimum effects of the sun in a photovoltaic system.

The team of TEC-Institut
Portrait Herr Dipl-Ing(FH) Zentgraf - Leiter Forschung Photovoltaik
Mr Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Zentgraf
Director Photovoltaic Research
Portait Hr. Reich - Beirat TEC-Insitut
Mr Dr. Dipl.-Phys. Reich
Advisor TEC-Institut
Portait Hr. Küster - Beirat TEC-Insitut
Mr Dipl.-Ing. Küster
Advisor TEC-Institut
Portrait Herr Bahmann Beirat TEC-Institut
Mr Dipl.-Met. Bahmann
Advisor TEC-Institut