Comparative Test PV-Modules: Winner: ANTARIS SOLAR

Ermittlung des                elektrischen Energieertrages von 12 PV-Modultypen, im Vergleich

ANTARIS ASM 185 AI – The module with the highest yield

The choice in PV-systems is virtually unlimited. To know what is what however, it takes the right information. This year – just as in 2009 – TEC-Institute tested 15 modules from well-known manufacturers. The tests were performed under real-life conditions. To gain objective test results, testing in a laboratory would have had only limited validity.

Weather conditions ranged from a mix of sunshine to cloudy skies. The basic requirements for realistic measurements were given: TEC-institute operates their own weather station which records temperature, barometric pressure, wind, rain and atmospheric humidity, as well as a pyranometer which measures global irradiance (total sun and solar radiation impacting on a horizontal surface on the ground). Like this, the weather situation could be recorded exactly and in parallel with the obtained output values, which resulted in a more objective test result concerning the real yield of the different modules. The module ANTARIS ASM 185 AI achieved 99%, produced the highest energy yield among all individual modules, and thus, won the competition.

The Module with the highest energy yield

Measurements on the 15 modules were carried out between May 1st 2010 and June 30th 2010. Voltage and current were recorded on the module side at an interval of one minute. Power output on the DC-side and electrical energy provided by the module were calculated from these values. All modules were tested “stringwise” (2 or 3 each) and were oriented exactly South, without any shading. Another important criterion was the (whenever possible) exact same cable length of all test strings. The working-range of all modules was within MPP-range of the inverters. Each string fed into the grid via a “Mastervolt Soladin 600” inverter. On the AC-side, energy fed into the grid by one string was recorded with respectively one electricity meter.

The ANTARIS SOLAR module ASM 185 AI with its monocrystalline cell type achieved an energy yield of 251.2 kWh/kWp (this corresponds to 99% out of 100% expected energy yield.). The comparison to the competing modules from three other manufacturers, which also achieved above 95%, but remained slightly below the energy yield of ANTARIS ASM 185 AI, can be seen in the two diagrams.